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ASC are designers and Manufactureres of RF & Microwave hybrid Amplifiers for the Commercial & Military markets. ASC's thick film hybrids utilise GaAs, Silicon Bipolar and MMIC technologies to acheive low to medium power output power in the 300KHz to 6GHz frequency bands. ASC's recent designs take advantage of GaN semiconductor Technology.

ASC offer a multitude of standard parts in all rangesd as well as offering custom specifications.

Low Noise  .  Wideband  .  High Power  .  Low Distortion .

General Purpose  .  CATV  .  GaN  .  High Gain

Custom Thin Film and Hybrid Circuits

Spiral Chip inductors

Chip Attenuators

Laser Diode Substrates

Tantalum Nitride Chip Resistors

Attenuator Design Kits


Power Dividers

Directional Couplers

90°/80° Hybrids

QPSK Modulators

Antenna Beamformers

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Ion Beam Milling

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ASI manufacture a highly rugged, state-of-the-art VIMOS Transistor with added advantages over GaN, for
L-Band Radar & Avionics applications. Capable of simultaneously withstanding overdrive, Overvoltage and 20:1 VSWR. 400 - 1500 MHz

VIMOS is the worlds best High Power RF Transistor technology designed specifically for pulsed amplifiers. Stable operation not prone to oscillation, Reduced size

Unlike competing technologies, VIMOS technology is specifically designed for pulsed, high power RF amplifiers for Radar & Avionics applications.

VIMOS improves the robustness and RF performance, while reducing field failures, size and weight.

ASI Also manufacture a state-of-the -art line of 960 - 1215MHz pulsed RF pallets which provide a fast, rugged, high performance solution to high power pulsed applications using ASI VIMOS technology.


L-Band RADAR  .  IFF  .  DME  .  TCAS  .  SSR  .  ADS-B  .  Weather RADAR  .  Mode S-ELM

VIMOS HVV1011-600
Extremely Rugged VIMOS Technology.
1030-1090MHz, 750 Watts,
24-50V supply,18dB Gain

VIMOS HVV1011-1000L
Extremely Rugged VIMOS Technology.
1030-1090MHz, 1000 Watts,
24-50V supply, 16dB Gain

VIMOS P1000-1215
50 ohm Pallet, Extremely rugged VIMOS Technology.
960-1215MHz, 950 Watts, 24-50 V supply. 15dB Gain

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S-Series - TEST BENCH IN A BOX -  All-in-One RF Test System

It Incorporates a ...  all in one, Cost-Effective piece of equipment

Spectrun Analyzer

RF Tracking Generator

RF Power Amplifier

4 Channel Scope

RF Power Meter

● Dual Signal Generator

S-Series Test Set-Up Testing 100 Watt 900 MHz Amplifier

M-Series Multi-Purpose RF Power Amplifier

100 Watt   2.7 - 3.1 GHz       RF Pulse Amplifier

Low Noise

200 Watt 70-150 MHz Linear RF Amplifier

Low Noise/Broadband RF Modules up to 18 GHz

S-Series Multi-Purpose Test System

All Elite RF Amplifiers can be custom modified for Customer specific needs. Let us know what your specific requirements are and see how we can help your system requirements.